Buntal Classic Bags

The Buntal(Corypha elata Roxb.) fiber is extracted from the petioles of the buri palm by means of hand pulling or retting. The first method of which is by beating the exposed part of the petiole with a wooden mallet or club until the fiber ends separate from the surrounding pulp. The exposed buntal fibers are then drawn out by hand with a steady pull. The second method involves scraping the epidermal tissue to expose the fibers. The fibers are then pulled out by hand from the base. The pulp adhering to the next layer is scraped until another layer of fiber is revealed. The extracted buntal fibers are then cleaned of adhering pulp by passing the fiber through a bamboo split after which the fibers are dried in the sun for at least an hour and then hung under a shed for final drying. Fiber extraction is done in a cool place so as to avoid it becoming brittle, especially when exposed to hot weather conditions.
Bean Bag
Shell Clutch (From Shell Collection)