Jusi ( translation for silk) is a fine transparent fabric woven from pi´┐Ża threads (pineapple leaves) which originated during the Spanish colonial period.Much as the pina fabric is tediously woven for that elegant texture, the embroidery is done with an equally delicate and painstaking process. The old-world craft has been handed down from generation to generation and have evolved to adapt to the times. However, the innate skill remains intact and the subtle elegance is preserved. To make a Jusi embroidered bag ,first, embroidery pattern is chalked on the cloth. The cloth is stretched using a round or rectangular frame called bastador. With the cloth ready for embroidery, they proceed with using a variety of thread from white or colored, cotton, silk, or pina. After embroidery is done, they are lightly stretched between two rectangular frames and cleaned from the underside using a washcloth and detergent. After drying, the cloth is ironed as a finished product.
Bags and Pouches
Table Cloths
Bridal Gown Material
Handpainted with Embroideries